The streets of Williamsburg are full of Milos, Liams and Lilys (not that there is anything wrong with that!!)
  1. Crosby (like Braverman and CSNY)
  2. Zeke (also a Braverman)
  3. Gus (grandson of Craig T Nelson in Family Stone - who later became Zeke Braverman) (I am clearly overly influenced by Parenthood and the Family Stone. Note: buy Jeep Wagoneer)
  4. Bert (bro)
  5. Bertie or Birdie (girl)
  6. Henri(etta)
  7. June (like Carter Cash)
  8. Daphne (zoinks Scoob)
  9. Mary Jane (pot is basically legal now so ...)
  10. And any name of any character in Irving Berlin's White Christmas (Irving!!)