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Random thoughts I have in traffic. 🚜🚗🚙🚌🚛🚚
  1. "I wonder if I sounds this great singing this song without the real vocalists. This would make karaoke great or terrible."
  2. "I want to punch my Spotify app when it scares the shit out of me as it advertises for premium with honking horns and sirens..."
    Is that even safe?!
  3. "Should I just go ahead and get fast food since I don't like anything in my fridge AND it is just so convenient!"
    This usually ends with fast food.
Thank you Disney for getting me through my high school vocabulary tests.
  1. First, this:
  2. Provincial - Beauty & the Beast
  3. Baroque - Beauty & the Beast
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  1. Taking a cig break
  2. Playing guitar
  3. Fancy mouse hunt
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  1. Emory's creepy mascot statue: Lord Dooley
  2. I have a brunch habit: Rise and Dine
  3. Atlanta Botanical Gardeb
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I use to say these out loud... in public.
  1. "Is that a banana in your pocket or you are you just happy to see me? ... Well sir, it's a banana" -It's Pat
    My cousin and I walked around the mall restating this quote. We got several funny looks.
  2. "How many assholes do we have on this ship anyway?" -Spaceballs
    My dad is a huge Mel Brooks fan.
  3. "Get outta here and don't come back for 5-7 days!" -My Girl
    I was 9 when reciting these words and didn't get the relevance of this until the age of 13.
  4. "Sweep the leg Johnny!" -The Karate Kid
    I still yell this now, but fully understand the meaning.
  1. The Office (US version)
    There are countless relatable episodes that can keep me going no matter how bad of a day I am having. It is would be my soup snake on the island.
  2. Lost
    For an ironic purpose.
  3. House of Cards
    The Underwoods will help me stay sane and show me how to take over the island from all animals.
If I piss you off, feel free to use these
  1. Staring at me in traffic
    I did not cause this, don't look at me like I did.
  2. Stopping to text as you are walking
    I have seen this in malls, crosswalks, and so many other places. I will run into you.
  3. Styrofoam
    The sheer sound of this product irks me.
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  1. Succulents
  2. Using the term "basic" as in: "Damn I feel basic for craving a Pumpkin Spice Latte..."
  3. Attempting to use Polaroids as a main source of photography. Ideally I would like it to surpass my amount of photos on Instagram, but that is a pipe dream
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In a nutshell
  1. I am obsessed with putting emojis on my cat
  2. Watching Netflix has not only become an obsession, but now a way to start a conversation with a random person at a party
  3. Reading books is something I want to add on here, but I never end up finishing them...
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