1. Stan
    Pure brilliance.
  2. Lose yourself
    Moms spaghetti.
  3. Infinite
    Such an underrated song. His young voice, smooth flow, and insane rhymes all combine for an incredible song. You can even feel how broke and desperate he is at this time.
  4. Til I Collapse
    I just feel ready to slaughter anyone when I listen to this.
  5. The Way I am
    Since birth I've been cursed with this curse to just curse...
  6. Without me
    Nobody wants to see Marshall no more they want shady I'm chopped liver.
  7. Rap God
    Summa Lumma dooma lama you aalalalala let's face it nobody else can say this part
  8. Drug ballad
  9. The real slim shady
  10. My name is
  11. I'm back
  12. Superman
  13. Marshall mathers
  14. Renegade
    Not actually his song (JAY-Z's) but this is one of his best flows.
  15. Sing for the moment
  16. Fast lane (with Royce da 5"9)
  17. Mockingbird
  18. Like toy soldiers
  19. When I'm gone
  20. Just don't give a fuck