1. drink more water
    a gallon a day (16 glasses)
  2. read books outside your comfort zone
    try anything and everything. learn new things
  3. exercise when you can
    more rewarding than sitting on your bed
  4. watch a documentary a week
    all different varieties
  5. get out of the dorm room to study
    interact w people
  6. study every night
    even if you're exhausted, try to read things over once
  7. get help when you need it
    you don't need to do everything on your own
  8. practice good skin care
    so you don't need makeup
  9. try not to wear makeup as much
    your skin will thank you
  10. bring water to class!
    don't "forget"
  11. try new things in the dining hall
    stop eating spaghetti
  12. enjoy life
    it is good, not matter what you think
  13. run
    act like ur training for a marathon