1. Damn it's hot in here, crank that ac
  2. I should really get this 3 week old chick fil a cup out of here
  3. Cold, I am cold get the ac away from me
  4. Holy shit is that guy following me
  5. He's definitely following me look at how close he's following
  6. Okay Alyssa be cool about this, your scrappy you can take on your potential attacker
  7. Let's lose this asshole, no ones taking me today
  8. Make a real sharp turn with NO blinker that'll get him
  9. So he definitely wasn't following me, now I'm just an asshole driver
  10. I'm an idiot
  11. Dammit I forgot to play music and now I've been sitting in a silent car for like 10 minutes
  12. I need chapstick
  13. Shit I almost just killed myself getting Chapstick
  14. I wish I was in bed, this whole driving thing is stressful