This shits a bumpy, roller-coaster of a ride. So buckle tf up.
  1. Met up with Laura to eat food
  2. We went to get tea for e n e r g y
  3. Ran into this guy I met a singular time
  4. His greeting was literally "I haven't seen you since I met you" wow what a fucking line
  5. He proceeded to ask me about Laura who was talking to someone else then shook her hand awkwardly over my body
  6. I thought it was over, but then be invited himself to sit at our table
  7. Being the socially anxious person I am, I didn't say no to this
  8. We get to our table and he goes to get food
  9. When he got back he proceeded to ask about Laura saying "yeah I've seen you on campus a lot with your boyfriend"
    This is the LEAST slick way to see if a girl is in a relationship, we know what your doing
  10. Laura looks at me and she says "oh no he's not my boyfriend"
  11. He then asks "oh your boyfriend must go to another school"
  12. I save her ass and say "oh yes he goes to school out of state"
  13. I then proceed to talk to only Laura because this is so uncomfortable for everyone involved
    Except him I guess cuz he literally never took the hint
  14. Next I unfortunately had to go to class, hoping he would leave at the same time the only person he "knew" left
  15. He did npt
  16. I asked if Laura wanted to walk me to class
  17. She did not
  18. Just trying to save my friend from being abrasively hit on
  19. When I left I dropped all my food so that's good
  20. When I got to class i was informed that he asked her out literally in front of Hayden who Laura was meeting for lunch
  21. I know must live with myself knowing I caused all this painful awkwardness
  22. I'm okay with this
  23. Giphy