1. Microcosm
    a community, place, or situation regarded as encapsulating in miniature the characteristic qualities or features of something much larger.
  2. Curtail
    Reduce, restrict, deprive someone of (something).
  3. Esoteric
    intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialized knowledge or interest.
  4. Insipid
    Lacking vigor or interest
  5. Conduit
    Channel for conveying water or other fluid.
  6. Ostensibly
    apparently or purportedly, but perhaps not actually.
  7. Percolate
    filter gradually through a porous surface or substance.
  8. Visage
    Facial expression
  9. Pragmatic
    dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations
  10. Enigmatic
    difficult to interpret or understand; mysterious
  11. Confluence
    The junction of two rivers or the act of merging
  12. Misallocation
    To assign or locate something improperly
  13. Frenetic
    fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way.
  14. Pedantic
    Over concerned with technical accuracy of minor details or obeying rules
  15. Rampant
    Flourishing or spreading unchecked.
  16. Echelon
  17. Umbriferous
    Providing shade.
  18. Ubiquitous
    Present, appearing, or found everywhere.
  19. Salient
    Most noticeable or important.
  20. Gesticulation
    A gesture, especially a dramatic one, used instead of speaking or to emphasize one's words.
  21. Minutiae
    The small, precise, or trivial details of something.
  22. Intrinsic
    Belonging naturally; essential.
  23. Indelible
    Not able to be forgotten or removed.
  24. Inherent
    Existing in something as a permanent, essential, or characteristic attribute.
  25. Prolific
  26. Solipsistic