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  1. Why are students just allowed to heckle auditions?
    Like, there'd definitely be a teacher present in real life
  2. I'm so here for Jughead and Betty trying to spy together
  3. How dumb is it that Veronica's mom and Archie's dad make out at work, in front of a window ???
    If you were behind closed doors, okay, whatever. But they literally picked the spot right by a window
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Inspired by @aniko
  1. Soda
  2. Beer
  3. Mediocre boys
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  1. TV shows
    I could analyze every show I've seen to death. I wanna talk tropes, I wanna talk theories, I wanna talk character development. Part of the reason I love TV shows over movies is because of the massive amount of content in like a 4+ season show, and how the people change over time.
  2. Gender politics
    My sister and I frequently discuss patriarchy, gender roles, rape culture, and other feminist issues at length. I feel like some people find this stuff to be depressing or stereotypical "angry feminist" but even when it makes me angry I'm all about discussing and analyzing it.
  3. Award shows
    No one I know like award shows as much as I do but I'm so here for any opportunity to see celebrities live (and usually a little tipsy). I'm also super invested in the fashion.
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My dad very rarely watches any TV shows or movies, so on the rare occasion that he comes to a movie with us or catches a TV show, his reviews tend to be hilarious.
  1. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
    "It's no Star Wars"
  2. La La Land
    "Better than that hunger games movie you took me to"
  3. One Tree Hill
    "I thought this show was about basketball. It needs more basketball and less people taking their clothes off"
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  1. Funeral outfits
    Tell me why Archie thinks it's normal to wear a varsity jacket to a funeral...at least Cheryl explains her weird choice in attire.
  2. Jughead is the literal cutest
    Cole is playing the little moments so well, possibly indicating a crush on Betty?
  3. Why is the new music teacher such an asshole?
    Like, I'm sure he's right about Archie being a little mediocre, but don't high school students deserve to be taught even if they're not great? It was weird how dismissive he was.
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In honor of this crazy warm (and definitely global warming induced) February
  1. Hold Me Up, Conrad Sewell
  2. Way Beyond, Bastille
    Also basically all of Bad Blood, this was an amazing album
  3. Shower, Becky G
    Pure bubblegum pop, don't hate
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  1. be as happy and positive as the most upbeat Carly Rae Jensen song
  2. have perfect long nails always like my girl Khloe Kardashian
  3. dress as fabulously and confidently as Mindy Lahiri
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Spoilers up to the most recent episode
  1. It's got that dark mysterious vibe
    It reminds me of Veronica Mars, except maybe the characters take themselves a bit too seriously
  2. The cast is beautiful
    I mean, just look at them
  3. Cole Sprouse
    He posted this and I just knew that we felt the same way about Miss Grundy. Girl bye 👋🏻
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  1. Accidental Asshole
  2. Half Finished Projects
  3. What TV Taught Me
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  1. Chance!
    Chance is so cute, and too good and pure for this world. I was so happy to see him win not once but twice tonight!
  2. Beyoncé 👑
    Did I fully understand this performance's deeper meaning and symbolism? No, probably not. But it was beautiful and artistic and different. On a night where Bey didn't win as many awards as she should've, at least she got to show us that she's still the queen.
  3. James Corden
    I love James but the opening bit didn't really connect with me? I mostly felt uncomfortable and couldn't get a read on it. I do think he did pretty well the rest of the night, and I'd love to see him host more stuff!
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