Me In 3 Characters

  1. Rory Gilmore
    Like Rory, I was a little too well behaved (boring) in high school. I'm very close to my mom, I read and write, and even got a journalism degree like her. Not to mention that I feel about as lost in my career as revival Rory.
  2. Veronica Mars
    The sass, the cynicism, and the jokes. Veronica might be more aspirational, but at least my inner self has her confidence and wit.
  3. Mindy Lahiri
    First of all, how cute is Mindy's dancing in this gif? That's what I'm hoping I look like when I dance. But Mindy, flaws and all, gets me on a spiritual level. She lands the same pop culture references as me and makes the same mistakes. And I love that she can be selfish and dramatic and overall so extra, because that's very real and very me™.