Podcasts I'm Listening to

  1. The West Wing Weekly
    The podcast provides the perfect excuse to rewatch the series on Netflix, though I do struggle to only watch one a week. Joshua Malina (who plays Will Bailey on the series) and Hrishi Hirway examine not only the plot of the episodes but the political issues from the plot, often bringing in experts. They've also got interviews with cast and crew from the show (personal favorite: Bradley Whitford).
  2. Advanced TV Herstory
    Twice a month, this podcast schools me on the history of women in television, whether it's exploring specific actresses (Betty White) or shows (Nancy Drew, Desperate Housewives). It can be a little dry but I find the topics really interesting.
  3. Gilmore Guys
    I know - everyone probably already knows about this one. But I'm very much addicted to it, and lowkey in love with Kevin and Demi's goofy banter. They may not always stay on topic, but I've never minded.
  4. As If
    My favorite movie of all time is Clueless, and this podcast (aptly named after Cher's most iconic catchphrase) goes through the movie minute by minute. For someone like me who could probably recite every line of dialogue in this movie, that's just the amount of detail I'm looking for.
  5. In the Limelight
    This is a pretty new podcast from two Vanity Fair writers, Josh and Julia, that covers all major pop culture news. You can tell they're personally obsessed with this stuff as much as we are, and so they may fixate on topics a little (such as Megan Markle, Prince Harry's Suits actress girlfriend) but I don't mind because they crack me up.
  6. Presidential
    The Washington Post did this podcast all through 2016 leading up to the election, but I just started listening recently. They devote one episode to each president, and delve into issues he faced, his leadership style, and any controversies that may have affected his legacy.