I don't watch movies very often, so I don't claim to be an expert. I'm far more opinionated about TV but I figured I'd give my take on a few movies. Also the term "recent" is really being stretched here.
  1. La La Land
    Yeah yeah we all saw it. There's been a lot of positive buzz, then there was the backlash about it being overhyped. But at the end of the day, it was an excellent movie that's unlike anything else coming out right now. 9/10
  2. Ghostbusters
    Very cheesy/goofy humor like the original, which isn't always my thing, but pretty good overall. 7/10
  3. Zootopia
    Giphy downsized medium
    I don't like animated movies usually but this one weirdly didn't suck? I hate that sloth scene though. Not funny, lasted too long. 6/10
  4. The Jungle Book
    I thought this was pretty cool? I have literally no idea what the reviews said. Also I don't know how long ago this came out - I'm really struggling to remember what movies I've seen in theaters. 7/10
  5. Office Christmas Party
    Yeah this was super dumb. Definitely just a Christmas movie money grab and me and my cousins fell for it completely. But, we needed something to see after leaving family Christmas and this filled that purpose. Plus, there's something enjoyable about making fun of terrible movies together. 3/10
  6. Sausage Party
    Another terrible movie I saw with my cousins. Definitely not my sense of humor but it got a few laughs out of me. I could see really bro like dudes liking this? 4/10
  7. Fantastic Beasts
    I'm a big Harry Potter fan, but I was definitely skeptical of this project because I'm also a big fan of letting series end gracefully rather than drag them out until the quality diminishes. However, since it's an entirely new set of characters and takes place far before the events of Harry Potter, it worked for me! I don't know if I'll make it through all 5, but I do love me some Eddie Redmayne. 8/10