Things that I could talk about for hours that are objectively boring

Inspired by @karlalucia
  1. TV shows
    I could analyze every show I've seen to death. I wanna talk tropes, I wanna talk theories, I wanna talk character development. Part of the reason I love TV shows over movies is because of the massive amount of content in like a 4+ season show, and how the people change over time.
  2. Gender politics
    My sister and I frequently discuss patriarchy, gender roles, rape culture, and other feminist issues at length. I feel like some people find this stuff to be depressing or stereotypical "angry feminist" but even when it makes me angry I'm all about discussing and analyzing it.
  3. Award shows
    No one I know like award shows as much as I do but I'm so here for any opportunity to see celebrities live (and usually a little tipsy). I'm also super invested in the fashion.
  4. Magazines
    I've loved magazines as far back as I can remember, and I can talk for hours about the differences between my favorites, what kind of content is best in each one, and why I'm never gonna stop wanting physical magazines rather than electronic versions.
  5. My family
    I have a close, small family, and I'm closer to my cousins than a lot of people are to their siblings. On top of that I'm very close to my sister and my parents. As a result, I talk about them a lot, to the point where my friends are probably bored of hearing about them. Regardless I'm still gonna bother them with the latest funny story about my fam 😎