1. Peyton Sawyer (One Tree Hill)
    I know a lot of people liked her but she was so negative and by the time she left the show, I was ready for her to leave. Haley and Brooke were far superior to Peyton's never ending whining that people always leave.
  2. Ross Geller (Friends)
    Whiny. Mansplainy. Selfish and did I mention whiny? Ross is always the victim and I was not about it.
  3. Every single Gilmore Girls boyfriend
    Dean, Jess and Logan were all terrible boyfriends to Rory, and though I'm usually a huge shipper, this show is the exception. Even in the revival, Rory still doesn't demand to be treated well and I just ??? Get it together Rory. These boys aren't quality.
  4. Chang (Community)
    Community obviously had its ups and downs but in particular, every exhausted plot line that brought Chang back annoyed me to death.
  5. Karen (Shameless)
    This is a bit of a throwback because she hasn't been on the show in several seasons, but I hated her so much it's worth mentioning. Lip deserved better. Karen was crazy, manipulative, and stayed around far longer than she should have.
  6. Dawson (Dawson's Creek)
    Dawson is by far the worst. He was so whiny and self involved, and made everything about him, including Joey's relationships. This show should've been Joey's creek and Dawson should've been that annoying guy in their class that they all ignored.