TV Couples I Love

I love love, and I love watching it play out on my TV screen. This list could honestly go on forever but I'll try to limit myself 💕
  1. Joey and Pacey
    If I could watch only the scenes of Dawson's Creek with these two I would. In a show where everyone else is kind of whiny and terrible, these two shine because of their amazing banter and chemistry.
  2. Jim and Pam
    Okay literally everyone loves them, I know that, but I couldn't not include them. I particularly like the dynamic of friends slowly developing into more.
  3. Logan and Veronica
    Another couple with witty banter and some really hot chemistry (see: bathroom make out scene). I'll never stop singing my praises for Veronica Mars and this couple was a huge part of that love.
  4. Jenna and Matty
    The high school romance we all wish we had. Matty is perfectly tall, adorable and awkward, while Jenna loves maybe a little too strongly. Awkward is ending soon and if these two don't end up together, my little fan girl heart will be broken 💔
  5. Jackson and April
    It was a struggle to only pick on Grey's couple, but these two are the ones I'm really rooting for lately. They've had so much drama but they used to be so over the top happy and I want that for them again.
  6. Gretchen and Jimmy
    Sorry there aren't really good GIFs for these two, but they're from criminally underrated show You're the Worst, and they're the kind of terrible people that can only get along with each other.
  7. Seth and Summer
    The O.C. is definitely corny, I'll admit it, but these two light up the screen with their goofy chemistry. Marissa and Ryan could never compete.
  8. Dan and Serena
    Chuck and Blair get all the Gossip Girl love, and yes, they're cute too, but Dan and Serena were the original. Nothing's cuter than their season 1 romance where they're adorably clueless but somehow make it work.