1. You're the Worst
    Recently binge watched on Hulu. It's witty, obscene and full of crazy unlikeable characters that continually make bad decisions. This is the modern rom-com I didn't know I needed
  2. Unreal
    Oh my god. This was so addicting and the first season only took me like a day and a half to get through. Highly recommend 💯
  3. Desperate Housewives
    I know this is a crazy soap but the writing is still impressive. Each season's mystery unwinds perfectly and the plot lines are a good mix of relatable family drama and unrealistic soap opera drama.
  4. Casual
    Another show that only took me about a day to get through. This one's a hilarious Hulu original about a screwed up family working through their many issues.
  5. The West Wing
    Currently making my way through the 6th season and I can't believe how timeless the political plot lines are. It doesn't matter that it started airing in 1999 - nothing has changed.