Once upon a time, the CW blessed us with the most epically melodramatic teen show there ever was. Absolutely none of this show was plausible but I loved it. Anyway, this is all done from memory, and I didn't google any of the answers to my many many questions.
  1. A dog eats Dan's replacement heart
    He was just about to get transplant surgery and the guy carrying the heart dropped it and a dog immediately ate it? Like what? This doesn't happen
  2. Jamie's crazy nannie kidnaps him
    I don't remember why though? Did Dan pay her? Or maybe she had a son who died?
  3. Haley and Nathan got married when they were juniors in high school
    This definitely isn't normal teen behavior but everyone acted like it was no big deal?
  4. Peyton's half brother fiasco
    From what I recall, some guy pretending to be her half brother started stalking her and then her actual half brother saved her ?? I don't know how the fake half brother knew Peyton had a half brother she had never met though
  5. At least 3 major car crashes
    OTH isn't the only TV show to do this, but I feel like there was at least one a season? Definitely one with Keith, one when Haley was pregnant, and one on a bridge that may have taken place on the day of a wedding ?
  6. Boy Toy Auction
    Somehow these underage high school boys were allowed to strip and be "sold" as a fundraiser? Literally no school in the world would go for this
  7. Also, just a general reminder that the premise of the show is that Dan got two women pregnant the same year, so Nathan and Lucas are half siblings but in the same year in school ?
    Dan knew he had already knocked up one woman but was still not using protection with his next girlfriend
  8. Didn't Deb light Dan on fire?
    Could she not have just asked for a divorce?
  9. Karen and Keith eventually have a kid together
    Their romance was fine but like it's just not normal to have a kid with your ex's brother? That means that kid was Lucas's half sibling AND his cousin