I changed my mind...a lot.
  1. A ballerina, of course.
  2. Miss Marple, the octogenarian detective.
  3. Rory Gilmore, especially in her short hair, pre-Logan, pre-affair-with-Dean era.
  4. Veronica Mars, because THAT SASS.
  5. Rory Gilmore, take two.
  6. A ballerina, but this time I was nearing 20 and it was less cute.
  7. A lawyer, which we'll get back to later, because I was watching a lot of Ally McBeal at the time.
  8. A baker, when I had my mental breakdown and baking was the only thing I ever felt like doing.
  9. A teacher, because people said I'd be good at it.
  10. Rory Gilmore: the finale.
  11. A lawyer, which finally seems to be sticking and is seemingly not influenced by my television viewing habits.