K I'm gonna close my eyes and scroll....
  1. Oh are you KIDDING me?! Well now I look like a tool. That's on me guys, sorry. This is ....a totally non airbrushed candid. Not my headshot that would be obnoxious.
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  2. Oooh! This was a cool piano I saw in a design museum in Copenhagen.
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  3. This is my friend Trace! We went to Rome and stayed in an airbnb with no air conditioning and this very unsafe elevator. I took this picture in case we died in it.
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  4. Found in a liquor store in Brighton. Solid bench.
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  5. These are more of the people I went to LAMDA with after one of our shows trying to do card magic tricks. It was a good thing to do after a show because we proved we are all better actors than magicians.
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