Like right back. Like I'm probably gonna go back and forth between cities this year. But also I don't know what I'm doing when I wake up tomorrow so...
  1. Eat all of the Five Napkin Burgers
    And use all of the napkins
  2. Enter the Hamilton lottery every day
  3. Lose the Hamilton lottery every day so the disappointment basically FORCES me to move across the country
  4. Get guacamole and chips at every restaurant
    Ok not a New York thing but just what I like doing every day
  5. Get pierogis and lentil soup at Veselka
  6. Tell whoever I go the Veselka with about that time my roommate and I got them to put lentil soup back on the menu
  7. Try to justify moving to LA as a reason to go to the Time Warner Center and shop for overall shorts
  8. Go to the Time Warner Center and get donuts at Avoce instead nobody looks good in overalls what was I thinking
  9. Walk everywhere never get in a car
  10. Wear my winter coat and my boots as much as humanly possible
  11. Have alone time with each of my first and second tier best friends
  12. Have a big drink thing before I leave for third tiers and acquaintances
  13. Jk I don't know that many people just spend as much time with friends as possible eating and drinking and laughing and swearing I'll be back in two seconds