Also 2015
  1. My amazing NYE hair. I did this myself and it was probably my biggest accomplishment of 2015
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  2. Me and Michael Berry doing a duet of "Memory" from CATS at an underground karaoke bar.
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  3. When we got roped into a Bollywood dance
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  4. Singing and playing and eating cookies at Camden Market
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  5. Outdoor time during the ONE SUNNY DAY we were there
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  6. When I went to Dublin alone with tendonitis and hobbled around reading this book
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  7. This temporary tattoo I gave myself YOLO
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  8. This picture of my mom seeing me at her surprise party
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  9. Proving my emoji pose can be done anywhere
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  10. Me and Michael pretending my hotel room was our honeymoon suite because even though we are not in love we also are
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  11. I like this picture because we all actually hated each other in this picture. But then we made up.
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  12. My two favorite Canadian boys. With their crown
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  13. Me and trace as the young lovers singing a song we had to compose ourselves while NOT cracking up at Tristan making faces behind us
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  14. The best picture from our three person PASSION because we were all still mad but had to be in love anyway.
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  15. Recreating The Painter of Dishonour on an actual beach
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  16. The day Al and I showed up to our different rehearsals in the same outfit 👯
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  17. When Al actually hit his mobility thinking about the linear carol song
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  18. Miss Prue. My favorite role ever.
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  19. When Al showed up to a party with mustaches "just in case"
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  20. Romeo & Juliet before we even got the cast list
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  21. An early Italy breakfast stroll with Lindsay
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  22. Midsummer Night Mean Team
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  23. Thesis victory dinner
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  24. Me and my sister after graduation
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  25. Me and Katie and our rastafruturkey
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  26. The Caesar ladies coming at you in 2016
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