1. Everyone I've met has been friendly
  2. Everyone wants to tell you about the cool stuff they're doing
  3. Every friend of a friend that an NY friend has set me up on a friend date with has treated me like a first-string friend
  4. Every friend from NY who now lives in LA has let me ask 8,000 questions and then told me fun stories and made LA sound great (I'm looking at you @mlh)
  5. Theater is exciting here!
  6. ALL of the puppies oh my god I've met no fewer than 7 perfect baby dogs and also a few grown up dogs and they are all perfect
  7. If I can make it two weeks without running into a single person who makes LA and the industry out here sound anything but totally doable if you surround yourself with good people and work hard, I bet I can make it a little longer than two weeks, too.