Things That Terrify Me About Moving to LA

  1. I am not thin
  2. I own ZERO floppy hats
  3. I like walking better than driving
  4. I'm not sure about the whole "beach" thing
  5. I need to talk about how much I hated a movie without worrying that the person eating tacos behind me wrote it.
  6. Aw man now I have to go talk to that guy behind me eating tacos because he's writing a movie I want to work on
  7. I just wanted to go to the movies and then get tacos and now it's like a whole networking thing
  8. The guacamole is great though
  9. Can I park here? Does that sign with 18 different instructions mean yes or no? How many tickets am I going to get in my first two weeks here?
  10. Oh ok. Ok no I can't park here. Ok.
  11. Guys honestly I'm mostly moving to LA because I need another year away from the weekly disappointment of losing the Hamilton lottery.