Still not sure I'm 100% on board the Drake train, but maybe this video has caused a change of heart
  1. THAT turtleneck sweater. You know, the chunky grey one I've spent hours trying to find on the Internet
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  2. He's dancing inside Turrell pieces which is both the best and the worst thing. How is it that Drake can shoot a music video in there and I can't take a fucking picture HUH?
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  3. His dance moves. I don't think gifs work on the list app or I would share all that I've favourited on Twitter :-/ stole my dance moves, every drunk uncles dance moves...the list goes on.
  4. His humility. I think this may be reason #2 as to why everyone likes Drake so much (reason 1 being that he was on Degrassi...RIP wheelchair Jimmy) (also I know this has nothing to do with the video just piss off)
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  5. There are so many other outfits but this sweater!!!!!! And sweater / sweatpants combo!!!!!! I will now spend all winter trying to emulate this look
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