I hate when this happens. I only went in for dried flowers.
  1. dried flowers
    Cost: $5.35 (this is what I really went in for, so I guess that's okay)
  2. Wedding card
    Cost: $5.00. My best friends older sister is getting married next week, so I guess it was necessary
  3. Photo block
    Cost: $3.50. I didn't think I could give her just a card, so I'm going to write something on the little chalkboard portion of this and put a picture of the two of them in the clip. It was on sale, judge me.
  4. Sticker
    Cost: $4.75. Ironically, it says "All You Need is Less" but that's clearly not the case
  5. Total
    somewhere around $20 which is way more than I wanted to spend which ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME