1. 1.
    Wake up early
    Sit with a cup of coffee and read your favorite book
  2. 2.
    Start a new book
    After you read a few chapters of your favorite, grab a new book to get the brain juices flowing
  3. 3.
    Cry if you need to
    Sometimes we are just bottled up emotional messes, some days you just gotta take the lid off to get some air in
  4. 4.
    Encourage a friend
    After your finish crying, don't wallow in your sadness, call a friend and encourage him or her. You won't regret it
  5. 5.
    Eat a good lunch
    This is one that I always tend to skip, but when I eat a good lunch I don't pig out on unhealthy food before dinner
  6. 6.
    Do the thing you've been pushing off
    Mark that one thing off the todo list so that you can stop worrying about it. It's amazing how free you'll feel
  7. 7.
    Take a walk in the rain
    Yes your hair might get wet, but grab an umbrella that matches your rain boots and take a stroll. You don't realize how peaceful it is outside till you go outside
  8. 8.
    Go out tonight and hang out with new friends
    Grow the relationships you've been meaning to grow. Nothing says "Happy Thursday" like a little top golf with new friends and new conversations
  9. 9.
    Start a "getting ready for bed routine"
    If no one has ever told you- washing off your makeup, brushing your teeth and hair, and rubbing some lavender on your temples is therapeutic for you & you'll wake up feeling refreshed and clean