Some #pics that I chose by scrolling and tapping with my eyes closed.
  1. The wall in my mom's alma mater (LOL), St. Mary's Roman Catholic Elementary School, in the back woods of rural New York State. Discovered on Easter Morning when we broke into the school after mass that unwillingly attended. I thought it was super cool that the entire hallway was lined with these tiles, which featured artwork by the students.
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  2. Taken in the moments before Taylor Swift emerged for the first New Jersey show of the 1989 Tour. As much as she annoys me, she is a true performer and puts on a great show. I have had many good memories at MetLife Stadium.
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  3. A selfie taken with my own personal Anne Hathaway lookalike, whilst we were in the midst of shaping young minds in the name of a religion that we don't support.
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  4. This is a fantastic looking cone, if I do say so myself, but not nearly as fantastic as I thought it was when I snapped this shot under the influence of marijuana.
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  5. Taken on the New Jersey Turnpike on a chilly and stormy Autumn morning after being picked up by my father from a great night spent with friends at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville. I was probably being obnoxious when I took this pic.
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