1. My impressive bookshelf
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  2. Printed out interaction with @keonovak
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    Backstory: @kirs10 and I run a fan Twitter account for Keo and this happened when we first started it. Hit us up with a follow @keokats
  3. This candle
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    Backstory: My reaction to over twelve years of Catholic education is to be blasphemous and sacrilegious any chance I get
  4. My poetry wall
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  5. This sign
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    Backstory: Over the summer, the Barclays Golf Tournament was at a country club that happens to be right behind my house, so the police put these signs all over my neighborhood. I mentioned to my dad that I was gonna take one, but I left for college before the tournament was over and I didn't get a chance. When I came home the first time, I saw it in my room
  6. My signed Chris Meloni picture aka my Prized Possession
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    Backstory: In my SVU superfan days, I donated to a charity in his name for his birthday, and then this came in the mail.
  7. My Stefon nesting doll
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