I was in honors English all 4 years, I love reading more than anything & am a writer, but for much of my high school career I blatantly refused to do assigned reading. In my school, we would spend the first few weeks reviewing and discussing the books, and then take one big test on everything. Yes, all these grades are accurate bc I remember, b!
  1. Freshman Year:
  2. Animal Farm- George Orwell
    ✔️ read on a train to Washington DC, was disturbed
  3. Night- Elie Wiesel
    ✔️ but because I had already read it in 8th grade and knew I loved it
  4. Wish You Well- David Baldacci
    ❌ I can see it sitting untouched on my bookshelf where it has been for 5 years
  5. Test: multiple choice, plot based
    Grade: 88
  6. Sophomore Year
  7. Catcher in the Rye- Salinger
    ✔️ loved and still love, don't shame me
  8. The Great Gatsby- Fitzgerald (Honors)
    ✔️ not gonna lie, I don't get the hype
  9. Their Eyes Were Watching God- Zora Neale Hurston
  10. Of Mice and Men- Steinbeck
    ❌ but ✔️ because I had read it in 7th grade and refused to ever touch it again, detailed in a previous list (lowkey fuck John Steinbeck)
  11. Test: multiple choice, plot based, character matching
    Grade: 93. I wrote an extremely impassioned, far-too-long essay about the green light and my teacher TORE IT TO PIECES, can't remember why but I still think I was right. (He was my best/fave English teacher)
  12. Junior Year:
  13. Brave New World- Alduous Huxley
  14. The Picture of Dorian Gray- Oscar Wilde
    ❌ /:
  15. Pride and Prejudice- Austen
    ❌ but ✔️ because I had previously read it multiple times and was like "I got this"
  16. Twelfth Night- Bill (honors)
    ❌ but don't worry, I have since read
  17. Test: QUOTES ONLY. The summer I read NOTHING
    But guess what...grade: 97 BITCHES. I STILL DK HOW
  18. Senior Year:
  19. Oedipus the King- Sophocles
    ✔️ enjoyed
  20. Antigone- Sophocles
    ✔️ eh
  21. Medea- Euripides
    ✔️ Hell yeah!!! except for **SPOILER** when she killed her kids /:
  22. Oedipus Cycle- Sophocles (honors)
    ✔️ do not remember
  23. Orestia Trilogy- Aeschylus (honors)
    ❌ idek what this is
  24. Test: multiple choice, character matching, quotes
    IT WAS NOT EASY. Grade: 86
  26. Kidding. I had some really good teachers, really good lectures, and really good selections. I pledge to go back and read everything I missed 📖📖📖