It's been four years but it feels like approximately 2 seconds
  1. ~Let me preface this by saying Hurricane Sandy was unprecedented storm that took a very serious toll on the East Coast. Thousands were displaced, and well over 200 people lost their lives. Fortunately, nobody in my family was physically injured. My state in particular was hit extremely hard, and I in no way intend to make light of this.~
  2. People always joke about New Jersey's reaction to storm forecasts, but all the jokes are accurate. Everyone legit just collectively goes to the supermarket and buys bread, milk, eggs, and batteries, all whilst talking about how "they say it's gonna be a bad one."
  3. ((A brief pause in the story in which I will introduce myself: I was 15, a sophomore in high school, and in a super angsty phase. My favorite songs at the time were Somewhere in Neverland by All Time Low and Teenagers by My Chemical Romance. I was at the height of my One Direction obsession but was lowkey about it to maintain my reputation.))
  4. The storm was predicted to hit between the 28th and the 30th, I believe, so school was cancelled for Monday and Tuesday, the 29th and 30th.
    Here she is:
  5. I distinctly remember the night of Sunday the 28th, I was fucking thrilled that I didn't have school the next day. I was laying on my bed watching Friday the 13th on ABC Family, which Timehop confirms:
    This is dated by my ((sarcastic)) usage of "hashtag yolo"
  6. It was really late at night when my dad dramatically burst into my room and was like: "c'mon, we're going to Home Depot"
    This is an actual selfie from that actual trip
  7. So we went to Home Depot and this weird garage place where we got a generator, we filled the car with gas, and my dad filled a container with extra fuel. I was making fun of him the entire time, because nobody thought we would actually lose power.
    I remember having so much fun with him on this excursion. I've always been close with my dad and I loved spending this time with him. Idk why I remember that so clearly but I really do
  8. I remember my whole family slept in the basement the night of the 28th, because we live in a heavily wooded area and the wind was getting really bad. We watched The Princess and the Frog, like, 3 times, because my little sister was scared.
  9. The next day, the 29th, shit got real. I'm not sure I remember when the rain started, but I know my dad had to go outside and "prepare the house" (still don't know what that means). This is what he looked like when he was about to brave the storm:
    He was literally wearing a helmet and a flashlight ON HIS HEAD I still crack up when I see this
  10. When we woke up on the 30th (after sleeping downstairs again) it was overcast, but the rain had stopped. BUT we had no power 🙃
    Neither did approx. 8 million homes in Jersey
  11. We had the entire week off from school. This was due to water damage to the school, the fact that the school didn't have power, and the fact that so many school families were without power.
  12. @kirs10 slept over prob 3 nights that week, and we watched endless music documentaries on VH1
  13. It was a good ass time and I know that sucks of me to say but I'm not sure I was mature enough to realize what was happening to other people all over the state while I had a week off from school and watched TV and listened to One Direction's new album on repeat
  14. We ended up getting Monday and Tuesday of the next week off because there was a problem with water at our school. We went back on Wednesday, and then (get this) we had a SNOW DAY on Thursday. It was WILLDDDEEEEE
  15. Even though I firmly enjoyed that week and a half off of school, there were (obviously) some aspects that majorly sucked.
  16. My family's shore house that we had for probably 7 years at the time was destroyed. Our shed was in another person's yard a few blocks away, and the entire interior was flooded and ruined (including some furniture that belonged to my great-grandmother).
    I had so many amazing memories there and I think I cried when I saw the pictures of it
  17. Because our shore house is a rental property (and a source of income for my parents) and we weren't able to rent it for an entire year, it took a major financial toll on my family- a toll that my parents are still feeling the effects of.
  18. Our beach, although very small, was considered one of the worst-hit beaches on the Jersey Shore. It was devastating to see the town in such shambles. Landmark business that were staples of the shore closed their doors, some of them for good.
    This was taken a few streets away from my house
  19. Everyone has seen this picture, but it was especially hard for people like us, who had grown up going to this boardwalk and these beaches. It was a huge part of our lives, a second home, and it was destroyed.
  20. The shore really didn't feel the same for a while. Everything was sad.
    Another one from my beach
  21. Now, four years later, there's still some remnants of the damage. Our neighbor just finished rebuilding his house this past August. There are a lot of vacant lots that have been abandoned. Some businesses never reopened.
  22. BUT, it's back to normal now. It's still the same place. Nothing fundamentally changed.
  23. My heart goes out to everyone who was affected by the storm, everyone who lost their homes or family members. There were so many people who felt it much worse than my family did. I'm grateful for that fact.
  24. TL;DR