My favorite good and nice men who are SUPER helpful!
  1. Titus Andromedon, The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
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    The sage advice he offers Kimmy Schmidt is unparalleled. He is truly a star sidekick and so hilariously helpful.
  2. Ben Wyatt, Parks & Recreation
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    Ben is the absolute best partner for our dear Councilwoman Knope. He has proven to us time and time again the lengths he will go to lend a helping hand to both Leslie and the great City of Pawnee.
  3. Michael Bluth, Arrested Development
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    He only had one choice- to keep his family together. We've seen Michael handle every bizarre and unnecessary problem thrown at him. Although sometimes unwilling, he always helps.
  4. Kenneth Parcell, 30 Rock
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    Kenneth defines the word "helpful." As the greatest NBC Page in the history of the program, he literally RISKS his LIFE for his friends at TGS on numerous occasions. He is the most helpful person, period.
  5. Jim Halpert, The Office
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    The ideal; the perfect man. But most importantly, SO helpful. Even with his constant pranks, Jim is Dunder Mifflin Scranton's go-to-guy. I know in my soul that he would help anyone with anything at any time, ever.
  6. Lincoln Rice, Broad City
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    Lincoln is by far the coolest and most supportive no-strings-attached sex companion. He's always a phone call away to lend a shoulder or some expert dental advice. He never fails to get Abbi and Ilana out of ridiculous situations. So freaking helpful.