Inspired by @Diplomatic_diva & everyone 💖
  1. If we go out at night, before returning to our respective homes, we drive around and play music at an extremely high volume. It doesn't hurt your ears.
  2. You pretend to like the X-Files as much as I do, because you know I really want you to.
  3. You pet my dog when we first walk into my house. You kneel down at the front door so she doesn't jump and bark.
  4. We go to the movies, sit as far away from others as possible, and keep a steady flow of conversation the whole time. People shush but I don't care. I know you care, but you keep talking to me anyway.
  5. You tie my shoes for me.
  6. You allow my grandma to verbally attack you, which she does to everyone and will do every time we visit her. You take it lightly and still like her.
  7. You let me lay with my larger-than-average head on your lap. We send each other screenshots from the trashy Twitter accounts we both find funny. We laugh out loud and say nothing.