1. I'm SO SICK of this election
  2. It was exciting with Bernie!! I was so happy to be plugged in and involved back then.
  3. But now I'm just TIRED
  4. And disillusioned!
  5. I'm so tired of his face and voice and words.
  6. I'm tired of having to devote so much headspace to straight up negativity
  7. I know the negativity will still be there, and I CERTAINLY know there will still be issues and politics suck and Tr*mp republicans will still exist
  8. But I won't have to worry about them acquiring the nuclear codes!
  9. I can't wait to celebrate history being made
  10. BUT I'm even more excited for some peace and quiet
  11. We have 19 days 7 hours and 6 minutes
  12. I will finally get some rest
  13. 😌