1. If you know Kirsten, you know the shocking discovery she made many years back. She dropped this bomb on everyone in her life: saying beer can with a British accent sounds like saying bacon with a Jamaican accent. NWTS.
  2. Her heart is true, and she's a pal and a confidant.
  3. Once, this girl told one of my friends that I had a crush on him. When she told him, it was probably true, but the crush in and of itself probably lasted two days. It was THIRD GRADE. Anyway, the kid brought it up in eighth grade, and I was thrown. I didn't know what to say. Kirsten swooped in and rescued me. I was so awed and always think of it.
  4. The baseball-themed small couch in her basement that I've taken ownership of
  5. She knows everything and is the coolest person to ever live
  6. I secretly only like her for her Aunt Meg's New York Marathon Party