1. The weird sound my grandma's front door makes
    They never lock it and it's 50 years old and it makes this bizarre sound dragging over the carpet, like an old accordion that doesn't make music anymore but you can tell that it did at one point
  2. The voice my grandpa used when he would walk around the house reciting poetry
    Very professorial but also sing-songy. He was an attorney and a judge but also I think maybe a Dumbledore-type wizard
  3. The rumble of our garage door opening at night when my dad gets home from work
    The whole house shakes a little
  4. The way my elementary school smells in the summertime
    Musty and old and hot
  5. The way my mom smelled when she would come home from a night out
    It was like her perfume mixed with outside mixed with faint cigarette smoke (she never smoked but it was the late 90s-early 2000s so smoking inside was still a thing). I was an extremely anxious kid & couldn't sleep without my parents so that smell = relief, security, sleep, etc etc etc
  6. The sound of the trees in my backyard when it's windy
    There are so many trees and woods so wind makes it feel like an enchanted forest