1. Going to Costco
    *or The Price Club (lmk if you get this ref). Costco was a magical place. Everything was huge and my mom would always buy me books. I still go with her when I can, but now that I'm not living at home, I regret all the times I was a bratty pre-teen/ teenager and didn't go with her. We always had fun.
  2. Going to her friends' houses
    Back in the days of car seats, I would go on all her visits to friends, where they would just sit at the kitchen table and talk shit and I would kick back on the couch and eavesdrop. These were truly the good old days.
  3. Clothes shopping
    My mom is a sleuth for discounts. We would never go to the mall; it was always TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Loehmann's, and this weird as fuck place by our house called Closeout Corner. I spent so many hours with my mom in dressing rooms where she would genuinely ask for my opinion, even before I was qualified to be giving it.
  4. Watching daytime television
    From the hours of 12pm to 5pm, our little kitchen tv would be on ABC. While she did her everyday household/kitchen/mom things, I'd sit at the kitchen table and we'd talk on commercials. At 12, Who Wants to be a Millionaire (the good one, with Meredith). At 1, All My Children. 2: One Life to Live. 3: General Hospital (our favorite). 4: Oprah (I learned more from watching Oprah every day than I did in four years of high school.)
  5. Watching nighttime television
    We'd watch some fun stuff at night. Law & Order, House, Gray's, ER. We also watched all the Extreme Makeovers, American Idol (the good kind, SimonRandyPaula), Super Nanny.
  6. Being in the car with her
    As soon as I got a license and a car, I never had any reason to drive with her. I just kinda miss that.
  7. Not always fighting with her
    From, like, 7th grade to senior year, we fought more than we did anything else. But I have a really good memory, and I remember what life was like before I had to go to school everyday. And I remember when I didn't have to do any homework and I didn't have any worries or stress. I miss when my mom and I hung out all the time, before we had anything to fight about.
  8. Back when we were buddies 💔
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    miss u mom