All of my prayers are with anyone who has been in any way affected by the tragedies the world has faced.
  1. It's so hard to not be constantly arguing
    I'm usually a pro at keeping my cool around ignorance but in light of these recent and horrifying events, it's impossible to see Islamaphobic/racist/outrageously offensive Facebook posts and not feel morally obligated to go off
  2. Waiting for the governor/ mayor of my city to make statements about welcoming the Syrian refugees
    Cuomo and de Blasio, we're counting on you guys
  3. We need to recognize all of the cities and countries that have faced tragedy
    Paris, Japan, Baghdad, Beirut, Mexico, Kenya. Showing support for Paris is great and necessary, and we should keep doing so, but all of these other places need recognition and support
  4. There's so much anger circulating
    I think, in these times, the anger should be directed towards the enemy. I'm seeing so many posts by people who are furious at those who are showing support for Paris and France, and neglecting the other countries. In these instances, I certainly think we need to urge people to be aware of all countries, but anger directed at support is never productive. There's a way to educate people in such a way that they will respond appropriately, and, at the same time, want to learn more.
  5. Islamaphobia is real and it is out there and it needs to be stopped
    People are really putting the blame for ISIS on the backs of the entirety of the Muslim faith. I honestly need help with this one. I have no idea how to calmly tell someone that they're disgusting and stupid for being Islamaphobic, and Thanksgiving is so soon. Soooo many conservative family members. Any advice is welcome and appreciated.