1. "L.L.S.- ladies love Schmidt."
    Pilot, S1e1
  2. When he came into the loft like this:
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    The Story of the 50, S1e10
  3. "Can I hit you up with some tea? A lil herb tea? Ugh, oh my god. How good is that, for real, what? A little p-mint tea? Yum, right? Hot, sweet, a little tea bag action. And I wasn't--"
    Pilot, S1e1
  4. "Are you cooking frittata in a saucepan? What is this, prison?"
    Katie, S2e2
  5. "Question: how do you forget Calvin Coolidge's birthplace? Answer: you don't."
    Fancyman Part 1, S1e17
  6. When he tries to kiss Jess at his birthday party
    The Story of the 50, S1e10
  7. "I keep that in my summer bin, with my summer condoms; citrus-flavored for a more refreshing summer experience."
    Bathtub, S2e10
  8. "You're a gynecologist and a lesbian, which makes you, well, a vagenius." "As an adult male, I'd like to ask you a few questions about, you know, the downstairs girl-cookie."
    Eggs, S2e9
  9. When his personalized condoms came in the mail
    The Story of the 50, S1e10