TY @kirs10 for forcing me to get back into it with this suggestion.
  1. Greetings, ListApp.
  2. It has been so long!
  3. I really miss listing.
  4. I stopped listing because after Thanksgiving I was in a very bad place.
  5. I was very emotionally unstable because of a lot of different things.
  6. Mainly finals.
  7. Because I didn't really know how to handle it.
  8. So I got in this really bad schedule and I couldn't stay awake and when I was awake I was studying and I did a lot of crying and throwing up and chugging venti double shot cappuccinos.
  9. I LITERALLY was stress throwing up like Mindy did on that TMP episode when her brother wanted to be a rapper.
    S/o to @mindy
  10. And with all the stress, I could not enjoy anything and my creativity had run completely dry.
  11. I couldn't write, and I certainly couldn't list.
  12. And then when they were over, I felt like I had been gone for far too long and couldn't jump back into it.
  13. I still may be suffering from a major case of writer's block but I'm gonna jump back into the list game anyway.
  14. This is the end of this list.
  15. I am happy to be back!!!
  16. 📝📝📝📝📝