In my previous list, I introduced and explained my year-long photo project of 2015. Read all about it here: AN INTRODUCTION TO MY YEAR-LONG PHOTO PROJECT. This list is about a few photos I know I took and cannot wait to see.
  1. The first photo of the project.
    I remember it being at a party, and I remember someone broke my house key in half at this particular party. The cops ended up rolling it fairly early. 🚓🚓🚓
  2. Selfies. (I hate this word)
    For a while, I wanted to take a selfie with the disposable every month to document any changes in my face/happiness that could be seen through my eyes. I forgot most of the time, but I think I got a solid 6 months worth.
  3. I went to the Hundreds Eat Meet at the Oinkster in Hollywood, where I met Bobby & Ben for the first time. The night was awesome. Great food, great people that I had never met before, and the energy of the brand that has been inspiring my work & mindset for the past few years. I asked the guys if I could take a photo of them, and I am so excited to see how it turned out.
  4. Vegas.
    I went to Vegas for a day with my friends. It did not end well. I got a speeding ticket on the way home and lost out on like $600 because of it. BUT, the weather was super nice on the strip and I know I took a few photos on April's camera there. I also think I took one giving the finger to the camera because I was really fucking pissed about the speeding ticket. DRIVE SLOW, HOMIE
  5. Chicago & Hawaii.
    Two places I went for the first time this year. Two places I fell in love with this year.
  6. My best friend, Melissa, chopping her hair off.
    She had blue hair at the time and she decided to get it all cut off. Cheyanna and I were there to document it/hold her hand. I don't think I have ever seen her happier than that, besides when she cut off even more a month later. She rocks the shaved head better than most.
  7. Love
    3/4 of 2015 was spent in a very loving relationship with Josh. I took lots of photos of him & us throughout the year, since it was my goal the entire time to document and photograph who & what I love. We have since broken up, but are on good terms. It's nothing to be sad about, because it happened and it mattered. 💖
  8. Food.
    I love food. So much. I have no shame in my taking-a-pic of my plate game.
  9. Double Exposures.
    I figured out if I took a photo with one of my cameras, didn't advance it yet to the next exposure, and hit it really hard against my hand with the flash up, it would double expose. I probably tried this about half a dozen times over the whole year, and I can't wait to see if they turned out well or if I was just actually fucking up my whole roll.