1. 💖
    Sparkly heart. It says: I love you/this/everything in the most fabulous way.
  2. Glitter/sparkles. It says: this thing or person is magical, I am magical, you are magical. Everything is sparkly and beautiful and good.
  3. 📷
    Camera. I'm a photographer.
  4. 🍒
    Cherries. With red hair, you're kind of obligated to love this one.
  5. 😭
    Crying face. It says: OHMYGOD NOOOOO or OHMYGOD YESSSSS. It's one or the other.
  6. 😍
    Heart eyes. It says: so many things!!!! Comment 😍 underneath an Instagram selfie and that means you look amazing. Send a picture of food to your best friend with 😍 attached to it and it says that you really want to eat that food. You can attach this one to just about anything and make it the most amazing thing ever. It means, I love this, I need this, this is beautiful, this is amazing. It is the most versatile emoji of all- used by guys & girls alike.
  7. 🍷
    Wine. Because I pretty much always need a glass.