Go to google. Search "Alyx Tunno". Here's what happens.
  1. First photo. Me.
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    I hate this picture. But- this is a photo at Disneyland from August 2014 taken by one of my closest friends Alyssa, posted along with an interview by her. We talked about photography, past and future art shows, and my inspirations. I'm really not a big deal but it's fun to pretend sometimes. It helps me get through the tough days. That interview can be found here: http://alysmartini.blogspot.com/2014/08/behind-lens-meet-alyx-tunno-by-alyssa.html?m=1
  2. Second photo. Also me.
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    I love this picture. This is from the 3rd annual Golf Wang Carnival, put on each year around November by genius Tyler, the Creator. It's a one day festival featuring a handful of his friends and musical artists, ranging from hip hop to hardcore, along with carnival games, rides, and food. Red hair on fleek. Pizza earrings even more fleek. 🍕
  3. Third photo. Me again, pre-red hair era.
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    Hair era? Haira? Hera? This is from December 2013 and it must be some user profile picture on something, I'm just not sure what. I look like a child. My mom wishes I still looked like this.
  4. Fourth photo. Not me! Yay!
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    Finally, a photo that's not of my face. This is a shot I took of one of my best friends Melissa after she had just dyed her hair. Since then it has been dyed white, blue, white again, blue again, and cut almost completely off. I try to capture two things, if any, in all of my photos: color and love. 🍇
  5. Fifth photo. Another one not of me!
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    This shows up from the 'Places' section of my photography website, a shot of the absolutely vibrant restaurant at The Standard in Los Angeles from June 2015. Love the perfect lines and mod interior design. The food isn't that good. The workers are nice! No one eats there on a Tuesday morning like I did.