I was hella down but I'm hella in bed now.
  1. I work as a server at a hip & mod Korean restaurant. That doesn't really matter I just wanted to say that.
  2. After 6 hours of sweating my blush off and trying to remember to bring the guy at L4 another Sprite, I wanted to have a nice night after. This means that my makeup still looked nice and I wanted more people to see my face looking so sparkly. Is this like a psychologic problem? Only wanting to make plans when my eyeliner is perfectly winged?
  3. Anyway. This isn't about my issues. So, 30 minutes before I was going to get off, I texted that cute guy I went on a date with like 3 weeks ago. He was super into me for a while, was super excited when I agreed to a date, and is actually super funny and sweet.
    I don't even want to date him or anything serious or weird. But I want to hangout again and he is totally not giving me the attention he used to. I'm a goddamn Virgo and I need your attention. A lot of it.
  5. Okay so he didn't reply.
    All I said was hi. This is starting to rhyme. I'm gonna cry. Okay moving on.
  6. Just kidding. Eventually, he texted me back...
  8. I texted him a half hour in advance so that I -oh my god I can't focus on writing this bullet point because of the movie that's on Tv right now- anyways. a half hour in advance so that he would reply, I could ask him to meet me at the burger place down the street and watch me eat sweet potato fries, he would say yes (hopefully) and by the time he
  9. ....got there I would have just been getting off work.
  10. he RUINED IT.
  11. He said this. "hey, what's up?"
  12. Oh nothing. Nothing is up. Nothing except the fact you ruined our plans that I didn't even tell you about or invite you to.
  13. Whatever. I made the BEST quesadilla ever when I got home. And I got to spend some quality time with this amazing app.
  15. Okay guys so I am being dramatic it's actually perfect that he didn't reply until 12 when I texted him at 10:30. I thought I'd get off at 11 but we were really busy & I didn't get off till 11:45. SOOO...If he had replied I would have had to kill the date idea in my head. He would have been like um ok lol bye. IT WASNT MEANT TO BE
  16. The title of this list doesn't actually work with what the list is about. It should be called "I TEXTED A BOY BUT HE REPLIED TOO LATE AND I ATE A QUESADILLA"
  17. Update: he texted me this morning and said "Fuck, sorry. I was turnt AF last night." I don't know if this means he's my soulmate or if I should never ever reply.