Here's what I have watched today...
  1. The Boy Next Door
    Started watching this one in the afternoon but had missed the first 20 minutes. Remembered seeing the previews and figured it all out pretty quickly. Thoughts: Jennifer Lopez is so hot. I hated the kid. The dad was in a big chunk of Sex and the City so I kept calling him Aiden. I CANT BELIEVE HE KILLED THE VICE PRINCIPAL. she should have never slept with such an psycho.
  2. Boyhood
    Watched the whole thing. The whole, long, beautiful thing. I first saw this movie last January and instantly fell in love. The cast is amazing, the soundtrack is even better. But the whole filming! It took 11 years?!!? That alone + the overall story makes it a must see.
  3. Tail end of The Shining
    I've never actually watched this whole movie but I saw the ending today so I kind of ruined it for myself. This last semester I took a design class and had to made a movie poster for the Shining so I totally should have seen this before but never got around to it. At least I know everyone (almost) end up (kinda) okay. ✨⛏✨
  4. Went to the movies to see Sisters
    Saw this with my best friends and about 8 other people who were in the theatre. We were all in hysterics. John Cena is in it and WOW are his arms REALLY that big?! I'm in. Tina and Amy are the best girl duo around, and the whole movie was so funny throughout. Go see it! 🍿
  5. Currently watching Dance Flick
    It's mainly just playing in the background while I write this list.