A little background: White father, Mexican mother (she was born here, but my grandmother wasn't)
  1. So my mom discovers my little brother (who never cries) crying one day and asks him what's wrong
  2. Giphy
    She's not extremely affectionate
  3. Mom, what if Donald Trump becomes president???
    Side note: perfectly valid reason to cry. I would cry too if Donald Trump becomes president
  4. Giphy
    At this point she's really confused
  5. If he becomes president, you're gonna have to go back to Mexico!?
  6. Then I won't have a mom!! I don't want you to leave!
  7. Giphy
    She has to explain to him all the ways that Donald Trump is an idiot
  8. Yes, my adolescent brother was crying because he thought that if Donald Trump becomes president he was going to deport my mother
  9. Don't vote for Donald Trump