Irrational fears

The weirdest things that have scared me during my life
  1. Paper cut (in my eye)
    I was in a hurry one day as a paper of mine was being printed. I looks into the printer where the paper usually comes out to see if it was almost done and it shot out and touched my eye. It didn't even cut it but it freaked me out so much that I was terrified of holding paper or books near my face for a very long time afterwards.
  2. Dying in my sleep pt. 1 (blood sugar)
    In high school one day I woke up from a nap and had an awful headache. I ate a piece of candy that I had in my room and immediately felt better. This triggered my fear of extremely long naps because I thought my blood sugar would get so low I would just die
  3. Dying in my sleep pt. 2 (carbon dioxide)
    I can not sleep with a blanket over my head because I'm convinced I will breathe up all of the oxygen and eventually there will be nothing but carbon dioxide for me to breathe..... Killing me
  4. Dying in my sleep pt. 3 (strangulation)
    I usually charge my phone right next to my bed and leave it laying on my mattress while it's plugged in. One night I woke up and my phone was wrapped around my arm multiple times and I became fearful of being strangled by my phone charger. Eventually I got a shorter charging cord
  5. Hair shedding (and how I could be accused of murder)
    This arose from watching shows like Law and Order. The suspect had left his hair on a victim and I became extremely aware of how much hair I shed. My hair DNA could be ANYWHERE on multiple crime scenes and victims
  6. My fingernails getting ripped off
    As a child I had this recurring nightmare of me sliding my hands into the front pocket of my jeans and my fingernails getting bent backwards and ripped off. It was so scary to my that I didn't use the front pockets of my jeans for YEARS.
  7. Uneven numbers
    This was part fear, part EXTREME hatred. I saw it as some kind of bad omen I guess? My main concerns were volume and phone numbers. I couldn't watch a tv or listen to a radio that was on an uneven volume. I wouldn't dial uneven phone numbers or I would find a way to make them even (ex: 757-846-1405. 7+5+7=19 but 1+9=10. 846 is all even, good. 1+4+0+5=10 so this would be a phone number I was comfortable with)