Things said to me that have left me literally speechless

A collection of quotes from white people
  1. *speaking about Donald Trump* I mean.. He's not wrong. He's saying what everyone else is thinking! I think it's refreshing honestly
  2. Why is Annie being remade with a black girl?? It just doesn't make sense. In that time black orphans didn't get adopted! They just didn't
  3. My whole class is wearing dark colors today! We're so color coordinated. We should take a picture and put it on Facebook and say "see, we're not racist!" *laughs*
  4. I hate "The Wiz." White people write books about white people! If black people want to be in movies they should write their own stuff! There's no black writers and that's why black people aren't in movies or books.
  5. *talking about an Instagram account that features colored girls in sports* I don't mind their posts but if I were to post about only white girls doing things, there would be problems! I mean why can THEY do it but not me??? Right?
  6. We've been trying to adopt for years! But I just know I won't like it as much as I like my own *laugh*