Times I cried while watching Pixar's The Good Dinosaur

It was an emotional day I guess. Spoiler alert 🚨
  1. When Arlo's dad dies in the flood
    Who wouldn't cry! It was like the death scene in Lion King but WORSE
  2. When the mom dinosaur is gathering the harvest and says how hard it is without the dad
    She's trying so hard
  3. Honorable mention: when Spot is bringing things for Arlo to eat
    My eyes got all tingly but no tears actually came out. This scene was just so touching to me bc he was trying to take care of him 😢
  4. When Arlo saves Spot in the water and wraps him up when they go over the edge
    What a friendship
  5. Honorable mention: When Arlo draws the circle around Spot and his new family
    Spot doesn't understand 😓
  6. When Arlo finding his way home and then him and his mom run to each other
    She missed him so much 😭
  7. Me yelling at the tv