Requested by Maggi Bircz


  1. #10 A Goofy Movie. Because who doesn't love this scene?!
  2. #9 The Rescuers Down Under
  3. #8 All the Toy Stories. Being the same age as Andy made the third one really special.
  4. #7 Aladdin. He's hot! And robin Williams 😔
  5. #6 The Fox and the Hound. Because who doesn't love a good cry?
  6. #5 The Little Mermaid. All girls want to be a mermaid!
  7. #4 Alice in Wonderland
  8. #3 Robin Hood. I still walk around singing the songs from this movie!
  9. #2 Pocahontas. I always thought I looked like her 😁 and that was exciting for a little girl that wanted to be a Disney princess.
  10. #1 Peter Pan. I don't have enough characters to explain my love for this movie.