1. The real estate
  2. Morning hikes!
  3. We don't just have a desert landscape. We have a lot of green, that we can lay out in 🌞
  4. People have pool parties all year round!
  5. The weather. This is the warmest we have to dress in the middle of winter....
  6. SEDONA. Seriously, who wouldn't want this as a backdrop for any picture?
  7. We can be up and sledding in flagstaff within a couple of hours 👊
  8. We have tombstone and rawhide! Real places where you can be a cowboy for a day!
  9. Our Mexican cuisine choices. As much as I love Taco Bell, nothing beats our Christmas tamales!
  10. These little cuties. No not really, these are the reason we can't walk barefoot in our own homes, and have to check our shoes and beds before getting in them. They are sent from Satan himself. And yes I have been stung 😩