Because if they didn't do their jobs, we'd be f'd
  1. The pilots of your plane
  2. The IT employee who tried to fix your computer. Seriously, would you want their job?
  3. Garbage men (should I say, garbage persons?)
  4. People who have to work on holidays
  5. The humans who still work in toll booths
  6. Nurses nurses nurses
  7. People who are passionate about wastewater treatment
  8. Bus drivers
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  9. Public librarians
    Suggested by   @pdxkatie
  10. Your mom
    Suggested by   @julieb
  11. Teachers 🍎
    Suggested by   @ccanul
  12. People who hold the door and other "simple" good deeds
    Suggested by   @libby92
  13. Highway Rest Stop Bathroom Cleaners
    Suggested by   @hilda
  14. UPS/Fed-Ex drivers
    I keep them busy with my Amazon Prime orders, especially during the holidays. If I'm home when they deliver, I try to catch them and say thanks.
    Suggested by   @DG
  15. Cafeteria workers
    Suggested by   @eamato
  16. Human resource reps, the really nice ones with a chocolate drawer
    Suggested by   @DumplingGogo
  17. Mail man/woman
    Suggested by   @Deanndre
  18. Administrative assistant or secretary. They make very little bit help keep the places running, at least the good ones do.
    Suggested by   @tmmater
  19. Transit Workers!
    They all make our routes safer and our highways emptier.
    Suggested by   @wmf
  20. Grocery store cashier- maybe more this week, but always deserving based on the stinky treatment I witness.
    Suggested by   @mmstewart
  21. Air Traffic Controllers
    Suggested by   @dhklist
  22. Flight attendants they work hard and I have seen them be friendly to not so friendly people.
    Suggested by   @Glitter500
  23. Dental hygienists and others who have to stick their hands in your mouth.
    Suggested by   @katkatalcala
  24. The people who work at pharmacies and have to listen to people scream at them all day.
    Suggested by   @stephtheartist